Campus Safety & Security

The Ohio Board of Regents Office of Campus Safety and Security assists public and private Ohio institutions of higher education in their efforts to ensure the safety, welfare and security of their students, faculty, staff, visitors and property.

The Office develops, promotes and supports safety awareness, emergency response and communications plans, both within the campus and with the local community. It also ensures that safety and security prevention efforts are implemented and that mental health services are available on all campuses.


  • Conduct annual safety and security summits for the state
  • Secure grant funding for campus safety (currently over $500,000)
  • Utilize federal preparedness funds, conducting readiness exercises on campus
  • Review campus safety plans annually


  • National model for new Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking program
  • Collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security to place campus assets in DHS’s ACAMS
  • Recognized by the Ohio Supreme Court for its efforts to get Crisis Intervention Team training to university law enforcement
  • National model for new “Campus Psychological First Aid” program
  • Provided 22 campuses with statewide interoperable communications radios

A Safer Campus

A Safer Campus guidebookA guidebook on prevention and response to sexual and intimate partner violence and stalking for Ohio campuses. The SIPVS Task Force (the "Task Force") emerging in 2008 as a focus of the Ohio Board of Regents Task Force on Ohio College Campus Safety and Security. Specifically, the Task Force was formed to raise awareness of daily acts of violence on Ohio's campuses–intimate partner voilence, sexual violence and stalking. The Task Force consisted of key partners including campus administrators, faculty and academic leaders, student representatives, campus law enforcement and security, member of the community-based organizations, and other members of campus life, such as student services personnel, resident advisors and resident life staff, and Women's Centers employees.

Addressing Campus Behavioral Health and Wellness through Crisis Prevention, Response and Collaboration

Task Force Reports from States and Associations

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The Ohio Campus Law Enforcement Association (OCLEA)



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Director, Campus Safety & Security
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